Roku Application Distribution Agreement

(d) you violate the terms and conditions of this agreement or any other agreement between you and Roku or its related companies with respect to your applications or content; or platform: hardware, firmware, software and services, as well as the associated features, features and identifiers used by Roku to distribute to end-users applications and/or audiovisual, audio and/or other digital materials, including the Roku operating system, blinds, websites and applications operated by Roku, as well as service services and infrastructures that support management. The platform can be updated or modified in whole or in part during the duration of the agreement. 20.4. Roku may, at any time, at its sole discretion, suspend all or part of the platform, including all or part of a store. In this case, the distribution of your application may be suspended as long as Roku deems it necessary. 20.5. In the event of a suspension or suspension of the dissemination of your application in accordance with this section 20 or in the event of an alleged copyright infringement, Roku may notify end-users at its sole discretion. 27.8. Full agreement. This agreement and its exhibits represent the entirety of the agreement reached between you and Roku and their related companies with respect to the purpose covered by this agreement.

This agreement replaces all other agreements between you and Roku and its related companies regarding the same purpose. Unless expressly authorized by this Agreement, no amendment or amendment to this Agreement is binding unless both parties sign it. In the event of a conflict between this agreement and its parts, on the one hand, and the developer guidelines, this agreement and its parts, it will have control over it. 26. No advertising. They will not issue a press release or public communication on the purpose of this agreement or publish the evolution or availability of an application without Roku`s prior written consent, both on its merits and in time, at Roku`s sole discretion.