White Label Reseller Agreement

From a dealer`s point of view, an exclusive deal may seem much more advantageous, because you don`t have to “fight” for each individual customer, with hundreds of people trying to sell them exactly the same product. (i) the channel partner`s compliance with the obligations to Xibo Signage in this agreement with respect to the handling of personal data by the channel partner or its subcontractors; and these are the bare bones of the agreement that you should go deep before you agree to become a white-label software reseller. You should of course take the time to review the entire document at least a few times to avoid unpleasant situations. Otherwise, the software developer must determine whether the reseller can register domain names, company names and trademarks on behalf of the vendor. If they grant such rights to the reseller, the contract must also clearly define what happens to the intellectual property after the contract expires or that will be terminated by both parties. Without prejudice to other rights or remedies to which Xibo Signage is entitled, Xibo Signage can terminate the contract without any responsibility to the channel partner if: the resale of white-label software is accompanied by numerous advantages. It can increase your sales, expand your offering, increase the credibility of your brand and save you a lot of time and money. The whole white label method seems to be a dream come true for any enterprising entrepreneur. (c) The channel partner provides Xibo Signage, upon request, with a copy of all personal data retained by Xibo Signage in the format and on the media reasonably indicated by Xibo Signage, and will immediately notify Xibo Signage if such information is lost or destroyed or damaged, damaged or unusable. The channel partner restores this data at its own expense. The definitions and rules of interpretation of this clause apply in this Agreement Each party recognizes that at the time of the conclusion of this agreement, it is not based on statements, assurances, insurance or guarantees (whether made innocently or negligently) that are not included in this Agreement. Subject to Clause 10.4, each party treats the other party`s confidential information confidentially and, unless legally obliged, not to provide the confidential information of the other party or to use the other party`s confidential information for purposes other than the execution of the agreement.

Now that you know exactly what a software reseller contract should cover, you are at a stage in creating your own SaaS resale business.