Cesu Agreement

For more information about the CESU network, see www.cesu.psu.edu/about/about_cesu.htm. The federal authorities participate in the CESUs within the framework of their respective tasks and administrative structures. The federal authorities play an important role in the activities of the CESU and collaborate closely with host universities and/or partner institutions in the fields of research, technical assistance and education. As several federal agencies collaborate with institutional agents, the potential for cost-sharing, improved efficiency, and cooperative activities is significantly increased. Inter-agency cooperation projects will be encouraged and facilitated by the CESU agreements. The nature and context of Agency officers working with CESUs vary depending on the Agency`s responsibilities and requirements. Some people may be researchers, others may be scientific administrators or resource and environmental management professionals. Federal employees working at a host university may conduct research; mediate the provision of research, technical assistance and education to the Confederation`s resource and environmental managers and partners; involve the faculty and expertise of host universities in collaborative activities; the teaching of advanced courses; and serve on postgraduate committees. Field scientists (e.g.

B those in a national park or forest) can be connected to CESU through the host university or a partner institution. The federal authorities retain administrative control of the network and the participation of the federal authorities in a CESU does not alter previous agreements or cooperation agreements. CesUs create additional opportunities for interdisciplinary and inter-authority projects. Host universities offer space, basic administrative support (secretarial, accounting, equipment) and access to university faculties, students, staff and resources. Within the framework of its competences within the framework of the CESU agreement, the host school may host at least one federal researcher. The host is also responsible for coordinating administrative tasks, including hosting an CESU website and facilitating communication between partners and managing annual and strategic planning efforts. The CESU Network Council has selected the host universities in competition, regularly checks and verifies each host university. Federal, host and partner institutions are linked to individual CESUs through cooperation and joint venture agreements that address common costs (also known as indirect costs), cost-sharing and other initial elements of cooperation projects.

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